Dr Jenni Pearce

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Jenni is a Clinical Psychologist with over 35 years’ experience, most of this time in her own practice.  She is the Clinical Director of Connect Psychology’s child services.

For many years, Jenni’s work has focused on children with developmental, neurological, behavioural and social difficulties, and support for their families along their journey.  She is highly regarded for her work diagnosing children with a range of issues, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, and learning issues, leading the Connect Psychology multidisciplinary assessment team.   She works with children and young adults with Tourette’s Syndrome using CBIT approaches.  She has a particular interest in diagnosing PDA, a sub-profile of ASD.

Jenni now provides very limited individual therapy, focusing instead on her parent support, practice coordination, and team support roles. As one of the first Clinical Psychologists to register as an NDIS Provider, Jenni actively supports families on their journey through this complex and often confusing system. She is responsible for ensuring compliance with NDIA and NDIS standards in the practice.  She works with families to develop their parenting skills, and with schools to plan intervention and support for children.  Her supervision of trainee Psychologists is highly sought.

For NDIS clients – Jenni is a registered NDIS provider and can provide services for Agency Managed, Plan Managed, and Self Managed NDIS Participants.