In-School Intervention

For teenagers & children across Adelaide

Connect Psychology offers In School Intervention to support students to develop their social, emotional, and behavioral skills.

We provide an individualised program of support and intervention in the child’s natural environment including home, childcare, pre-school, and school, visiting regularly working closely with school staff towards specified goals..

The service is provided by a Psychologist, Provisional Psychologist, Developmental Educator, or Developmental Therapist.

Goals are set in collaboration with parents and teachers based on the child’s current strengths and challenges and on a comprehensive assessment process including standardised assessments of social and emotional development, questionnaires completed by parents and teachers, and in-school observations.

Furthermore, we welcome collaboration with other therapists and providers. The student’s progress is assessed regularly for further intervention, often in a meeting with parents and school staff.

In School Intervention in Adelaide

Areas targeted for intervention might include:

  • transitioning into a new environment
  • coping with transitions and changes
  • following school and classroom routines
  • dealing with frustrations and challenges
  • developing play and social interaction skills
  • coping with recess and lunch breaks
  • improving emotional regulation
  • interpreting and making sense of social interactions
  • understanding expectations
  • help manage sibling relationships
  • making good choices of behaviour.

A range of evidence-based interventions are utilised, including functional behavioural analysis, modelling, prompting, role plating, scripting, visual aids, and social narratives.

Parents are provided with regular reports which outline specific skills that are being targeted in sessions, feedback of sessions, and specific recommendations for implementing ways to develop and sustain their development. The reports further provide suggestions and an outline of specific skills for follow up by teachers and parents.

Some parents will also choose individual sessions in our office to target specific skills more intensively, and some students will also be attending our social skills groups. This program can be funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme for approved clients, or may be funded by parents or schools.

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In School Intervention Adelaide